Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pillsbury Bake Off

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it before, but I am addicted to the Food Network, I watch it religiously and Tivo tons of shows. One of those shows just happened to be the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest that aired this past weekend. So of course during the show they interview the participants and ask them where their recipes came from...Well one of the ladies (Anna Ginsberg) had come up with this Chicken and Waffle Stuffing recipe. As they are interviewing this lady she explains to us viewers that it's ironic that she would be competing with a main course dish because she is known for her cookies, which she bakes everyday with her daughter...which caught my attention. Right after she said this the narrator of the show explained that Anna loves to bake so much that she created her own blog called Cookie Madness!! "Oh my god, I look at this woman's blog everyday and now here she is on the Pillsbury Bake-Off Challenge!!," was all I kept saying. The funny part was Anna said that she didn't think she was going to win the $1 million grand prize, because she didn't think her recipe was special enough, and wouldn't you know the queen of the Cookie Madness blog walked away with that million dollar grand prize! I was soo shocked (and maybe a little jealous) but I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS Anne!!!!

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Quellia said...

Interesting! I read her blog regularly as well and knew she was doing the cook off but she seems to have not bothered to mention that on her site!