Friday, June 29, 2007

Angels Wearing Chocolate

Yesterday I was craving some chocolate---surprise, surprise---when suddenly an angel called out to me. That's right an angel! She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The sparkling white dress was the first thing that I noticed, it was so radiant I almost had to close my eyes. As she floated closer to me I could see her long beautiful legs which resembled the color of Hershey's Dark Cocoa Powder. Her hair finally became visible which were long, creamy, silky strands that were two-toned of powder white and cocoa brown. The closer she came I kept telling myself this had to be a dream, there was no way I was being visited by an angel! Bright Blue light surrounded her as she descended toward me landing on my kitchen table. Then the strangest thing happened, my vision blurred. For a minute I freaked out thinking that this angel had caused me to go blind, but au contraire. When I reopened my eyes I was relieved that I hadn't lost my sight at all and the angel that I had been so mesmerized by was now an issue of Cooking Light lying peacefully on my kitchen table. The front cover was brilliant blue with a picture of a Black and White Angel Food Cake and I knew right then and there that my goal in life today was to make that cake, so that's what I did, and was this cake a God send!!
While I don't have an Angel Food cake pan, I decided to make my cakes in two loaf pans, which turned out really nice. I also didn't have the ingredients that the recipe called for to make the cake, but I did have a lonely box of angel food cake mix in the pantry, so I quickly opened that baby up, dumped it in the mixing bowl added the water and some vanilla extract and let her ripe. After pouring half of the mixture into the pans I added my cocoa powder (and not having dark cocoa powder I just used the light cocoa powder). Once the powder was mixed I poured it over the white layer of angel food. Then I baked and ate!! Oh, the glaze for the cake is really easy too...which is all on the Cooking Light website.
This cake was so light, but still fluffy and had great texture. The taste was amazing too, never before had I had chocolate angel food, and now after having tried this recipe I don't know why! The chocolate was so decadent, but it was in angel food so I totally scarfed it up! This cake is a definite thumbs up!!

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