Sunday, July 22, 2007

Banana Muffins

Banana nana foe fana me my monana BANANA!! That's right boys and girls, it's time to get your daily dose of nana's. So open wide wide, because this is the best way I've found to eat bananas :0) This recipe is courtesy of the fabulous Giada de Laurentis! On one of her shows she had made banana muffins with marscapone frosting...I unfortunately didn't have the marscapone cheese when I decided to make these at 11:00 at night, so I just used some pre-made vanilla frosting. But even without the marscapone frosting these little muffins came out great! My bananas were very, VERY ripe, which made definitely added an intense flavor of banana to the muffins...which is something crucial to these muffins. I mean for crying out loud they are called BANANA muffins, so they should taste like bananas. I don't know about you guys, but for some reason bananas get extremely ripe in my house within one day of me buying them, so ripe bananas isn't something I have to worry about. But, if you're house isn't a freak of nature like mine, then you can ripen bananas by putting them in a closed paper bag for a day or two. Also, a good trick I've found to save ripened bananas is to stick them in the freezer. Then whenever you're ready to use them, take 'em out and thaw 'em...then you can always have ripe bananas that don't need to get tossed out in the trash. (Just a few can take 'em or throw 'em right on back :0) )
Ok, so back to the muffins, I took these in to work and they're were gobbled up in no time! I recently got a new job, and everyone is in love with me because I keep bringing in my goodies for everyone to eat (which is my attempt to keep me from eating all of them...which I'm not sure yet how well that idea's working...but it's a start) This is also a good way to schmooze your case you couldn't figure that out on your own! I really, really love banana bread and this was a fun take on the classic, especially because it had frosting on it! So, I guess you could say this too is a "healthy" cupcake/muffin Because after all it does have bananas!!

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