Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Peachy Keen

This is an ode to my late Granny who made the best peach cobbler I have ever had. There's something about having hot peach cobbler that Granny made by hand, pouring everyone once of her heart, love and soul into a dessert that was to be shared amongst the family. My Granny was a wonderful woman who lost her battle two years ago with lung and brain cancer. I often find myself remembering the warm embraces, which lasted forever because Granny would never let me go, the unique laugh that would fill the room and of course the infamous "my word" remark to anything that Granny found unbelievable. As much as it hurts to have lost her, I know she is in a better place and free of pain, which is the most important thing.
And although this recipe isn't the exact recipe of my Granny, it is very much in remembrance of her. I found a "quick" version of peach cobbler that actually uses cake mix for the batter. The recipe can be found on the Betty Crocker website. I was shocked at how well the cake batter worked for this recipe. I was worried at first that the cobbler would be too cakey, but it actually had the doughy consistency of a traditional cobbler, not to mention the intense butter flavor (my favorite part) of cobbler. The steps to making this are basically the same as cobbler, you melt the butter in the baking dish, pour down the batter, place peaches on top, then add pecans.
I took this cobbler/cake to work and it was half way gone by the middle of the day. Bringing the rest of the cake home proved to be lethal because all I keep doing is picking at the darn thing even though I know I don't really need to eat anymore of it :0) But hey, dessert is my weakness...if it's in front of me I'll eat it! And this one is definitely worth eating.
Some tips: as you know I always try to make a "healthier" version of my recipes so for this one I used canned peaches in LITE syrup which cut the calories by half, I also used Blue Bonnet reduced calorie butter which worked out very nicely still lending the butter taste, but with less calories.


Jerry said...

Looks lovely! You can never go wrong with peaches!

Nirmala said...

What a lovely tribute. I have a sweet tooth too so I'll be visiting your blog a lot!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

ohh i LOVE peach cobbler. this looks fantastic!