Monday, September 3, 2007

Bloggers I Need Your Help!!

As many of you know I'm a baking freak and have the ultimate plan of opening up my own cupcake/bake shop. However, until I have the means to fulfill my dream I've been thinking about starting small and selling goods to my co-workers, family and friends, maybe even to you wonderful bloggers! I was wondering if any of you have tried this at all and how it worked out for you...or just suggestions in general of how to start small, eventually growing my small "business" into my dream. Thanks!


gigi said...

Have you looked into farmers markets?
I have a friend who sells food (dishes from her native country)in Los Angeles. She says the permits are easier, and you get a slot at the market. good luck!

Garrett said...

You know I was going to sat what gigi says. Farmer's market's. Also just start taking samples to local bakeries, and grocers.

Also be sure you know the laws governing food. Otherwise the fines are a bitch.

Tara said...

A while ago I was interested in starting up a catering business for myself. I've since changed my plans, but I did manage to get a few catering jobs through friends in a short period.

Your friends and family have probably already tasted you delicious cupcakes and love them, so just casually mention it to a few people what you are thinking of doing. Chances are next time they have a celebration and need some sweets they will think of you.

Other people you don't know will most likely be at these events so make sure you have business cards or at least your contact details available for them. Then these people will think of you when they are next having a party, or even better they will spread the word about the delicious cupcakes they had.

My only other suggestion is to be clear on what you are going to charge. Do your research, know what other people charge (but start off not charging quite as much - this can be a selling point for friends and family), cost it all out and make sure you add in enough money for your time making them as well.

Good luck! I hope it all goes well...

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

my friends and family have been the biggest help in spreading the word. i bake cupcakes for a small group of my parents' friends every tuesday night. each week they ask to take one home to a different friend who is curious about my cupcakes. i've had a few people mention that they'd like to buy cupcakes from me for their next party. but sadly no business yet.

goooood luck :)

Lisa said...

I've baked occasionally for friends. They started asking me to make them stuff (and paying me for it). I made a spreadsheet with costs of the stuff with the highest demand, and that way I know my own costs and can add whatever seems reasonable for time on top of that.

I've also bartered my baking with others for stuff I wanted (they paid the cost of ingredients, and the barter was my time against whatever it was that I wanted), which is a great way to get the word out. Lately, I've even had interest from people who were interested in me baking stuff for their weddings, parties, etc.

Unfortunately, I then moved halfway around the world. But it was a great little side thing for a while, and it was steadily growing without any big efforts on my part.