Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pushing Up Daisies...

...Strawberry daisies!

I was so stoked to use my new little baking pans that I got and thought long and hard about what to make. I wasn't in the mood for chocolate, I wanted something light and cakey and the only thing I could think about was strawberries. Strawberries just remind me so much of warmer weather, which I am dying to have. So, to bring a little sunshine in my life I made these little Strawberry "Daisy" Cakes.

Once my little babies came out of the oven and curled up on the couch with a steaming cup of mint green tea, my latest book club book (Sophia's choice) and of course a plate of my little cakes. Not being able to wait another minute I took a small nibble (ok maybe not small) and was whisked away to a grassy field where the sun shines not stop, keeping me comfortably warm, while a nice summer breeze blows through the weeping willow. If only it were that easy! But escaping for a few moments is better than never leaving at all.

The recipe for these cakes is courtesy of
Martha Stewart, and actually starts with a packaged cake mix. But with the addition of fresh strawberries, and using strawberry nectar instead of oil, these cakes took on a flavor all their own. They were so moist on the inside, but had the golden crisp crunch to the outside, which my taste buds are a huge fan of. I also made a little glaze for them which just added to the moistest-ness, because once the hot cakes soaked all of the yummy glaze up the glaze was contained within every spongy corner of the cake.

Here's to the wishful dreaming of warmer days to come!


Joy the Baker said...

Those are darling! Cute cake pan!

Cheryl said...

Such cute little cakes. I bet you those warmed you right up. I am ready for Spring too.

Ben said...

Hi there, I just have to leave you a comment because I have been reading your blog for ages now and have never said hi! My name is Katie and I live in Australia (this is my baby's blog sign in). I think your creations look divine and your sunny happy personality comes through in your writing. If you lived here I think we'd be friends!

My baby's first birthday is coming up - I wish I could get you to make some scrummy cupcakes for his party!!

katie x

Rosie said...

Wow they are so cute!! Rosie x