Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mud Pie Revised

At the age of four years old I remember making my very first "baked" good. It was my mud pie, and the ingredients couldn't be easier. Water, dirt and hands. And the directions were just as easy. Pour water over dirt, mix with hands. Smoosh mixture into cupcake shape and serve.

I guess I had a dream early on to become a baker. Because from cupcakes I graduated to stacked mud cakes, decorated with special rocks. Of course there was always mud cookies that had flower petal sprinkles. With such an easy and adaptable recipe the options were endless. I was sure that I had a huge hit on my hands.

The only problem was people weren't reacting to my goodies as well as I had hoped they would. I never understood why my mom was so excited to receive my mud pie, but never took a bite. I mean how can one say "Oh wow Stephie this is the most tastiest pie I've ever had," if they don't even put it in their mouth and chew it. And then Dad was always saying that he was so full from lunch or dinner that he just didn't have room, but always asked me to save it for him in case he got hungry later.

Well, twenty years later I am here with a revised Mud Pie (Cake) that is just about as easy to make as my original, but tastes 1 million times better, and doesn't leave any grit behind. And to my surprise people actually ate this mud pie and enjoyed it ;) So I guess my dream of being a fabulous baker still lives on thanks to Jennifer of Bake or Break! Her chocolate cobbler recipe was so reminiscent of my mud pie. I did make one little twirk to it, and that was that I reduced the water amount so that I could add a few shots of Kahlua. But blogger I am telling you this is like heaven in a baking dish. Please, please, please make it! It will take you five minutes to put it together and will take you five lifetimes to get over!!

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Barbara said...

Your post brought back some great childhood memories! We also made mud pies. I recall that I liked to "mix" the mud by standing in it and wiggling my toes. Certain areas of the garden had much more satisfying mud than others...
Then we decorated them with orange berries from the mountain ash tree.
Thanks for reminding me! And your grown-up Mud Pie sure looks good. That must be swamp mud! Yum!