Sunday, May 6, 2007

What is it about dessert?

So today I was watching TV and the movie Matilda was on, which is one of my favorite movies ever. Anyway, there's a scene in the movie where Bruno has stolen a piece of Ms. Trunchbull's chocolate cake. When she finds out about this she punishes him by making him eat an enormously huge chocolate cake...and this got me to thinking, what is it about dessert that can drive a person to do crazy things? Why would you still a piece of cake from your principal? What is it about that sweet, heavenly, oh-so satisfying, forget all your worries, escape from life feeling that we feel from taking the first bite of a delectable morsel that total over powers our mind, body and soul. In having wrote that sentence I believe I just answered my own question. Dessert, well for me anyway, is an escape from reality. Dessert will love me no matter what, and it will always have something kind to say to me, especially to my tummy :0). But honestly, isn't it strange that that type of euphoric escape would come from a dessert and not oh I don't know, a compliment from your significant other, a good movie, the love of your family or even paying all your bills on time and still having money left over for a new pair of shoes. Why dessert, why chocolate, why sugar, why caramel, why cakes, brownies, cookies and pies? I'm not sure if I'll ever understand why dessert is so attractive and releasing all at once, but I thank God that it is!!

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