Monday, June 18, 2007

You Call That A Cookie?!

Cookie! Hah...try cake, yes that's right people I said cake! I don't see what the big deal is, people kinda freak out when you talk about jumbo cookies with frosting stacked together to make a cake. I like cookies and I like cake, so when I saw this amazing creation on Peabody's blog I had to try it. And I must say it was AMAZING! The chocolate peanut butter frosting is what really got me and turned this cookie into a masterpiece. It was rich, sweet, a little crunchy and oh so yummy for my tummy!! This is for sure a chocolate chip cookie on steroids, so I suggest you all go out and have yourself a little dose, I promise it won't hurt!! It may not give you bigger muscle but it sure will give you a bigger sweet tooth...which is why we're all here anyway right!


Aimée said...

Wow, my hubby is drooling over my shoulder. This looks divine! Great idea!

Steph said...

Thanks aimee!!

Cheryl said...

Holy moly, now that is a dessert for a true sugar addiction. I guess that why I am smiling.