Monday, June 18, 2007

For My Daddy

Happy Father's Day!! For the best, most awesome, amazing, outstanding dad, I give to you Pecan Pie Bars. I made this recipe last year and my dad absolutely fell in love with's now one of his favorite desserts. So on such a special day for such a special dad I decided to make the man what he wants---and I think you all can see why!! These bars are caramely, crunchy, gooey and a little salty all at once. And it's so cool that you can have the reminiscence of Thanksgiving any time of the year with these babies!! The shortbread crust is probably my favorite part, and if you're like me definitely make sure to grab yourself a corner slice of these bars, because that is the BEST part. I always try to save off the corners for me and give everyone else the other, less satisfying pieces :0). I got this recipe from the Martha Stewart website, which is listed as Pecan Bars. This recipe is very, very easy to make compared to other pecan bars I've made in the past. And I like that the shortbread isn't really, really thick, I think too thick of crust distracts from the "filling". I just wish I had a big scoop of vanilla or dulche de leche ice cream to go along side---MMMMM!!! BUt all of my baking, blogging and existence would not be possible without my amazing to you dad I say thank you for everything!! And enjoy

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