Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome Home!

Slowly but surely my quaint little apartment is becoming a home. I never thought it would be so difficult to turn something so foreign into something warm, cozy and comforting. My first days in my new home were very awkward, I didn't have much furniture, no decorations on the walls and found myself surround by plain, uninviting cardboard boxes! But over the last two weeks, and after many ventures to Target, I'm starting to see my home come to life.

The sophistication of cherry wood, the playfulness of colored plates hung on the wall as decoration and the many ideas of paint colors reeling through my head are giving my home the personality it was missing. And of course, nothing makes a home feel more like home than a good morning of baking. Adjusting to my little apartment sized kitchen was a little awkward but my Raspberry Coffeecake didn't seem to notice any differences :)

With the smell of warm raspberry in the morning circulating my apartment I knew I was no longer living in an apartment. This is my home, where many days of baking, sleeping, crying, laughing and living will take place. I look forward to these days with anticipation and fear. Anticipation in my first step towards "independence", adulthood and creating, for myself, the life I dream about. Fear of loosing my connection with my family, closing the door on my childhood and not living up to the hopes I have for my future.

But as the windy road of life unfolds before me, it's things like making Raspberry Coffeecake that keep me grounded and comforted.


Rosie said...

Great to hear Steph your apartment is coming along nicely now :) Nothing like a good bit of homebaking to make a place feel like home and your raspberry coffeecake sure looks a treat!

Rosie x

ms fortune said...

YUMMM i so want to eat that!!!

Gloria said...

This looks wonderful!! Gloria

Cheryl said...

that is so great that you are starting to feel at home there. A couple of trips to Target for anyone can help their home.

Great cake.

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